Sunday 23 July 2017

Basing Classic Napoleonics

I have been playing around with basing options for my classic Napoleonics.

I am using 24 figure Infantry battalions and 12 for  cavalry.

I have been reading the free set of rules by Ian, aka Stryker, and like the sytle of game they produce. The latest version of the rules can be found here.

These rules were used for the Waterloo and Leipzig games featured on Ians blog.

The basing Ian uses is described in the rules. I was originally going to base as he suggests but after trying out a number options using cardboard bases I made a decision on Saturday morning.

So this weekend I have completed basing some of the Hinton Hunt figures I bought last weekend. I am using 2mm MDF pre cut bases.

For Infantry I have decided to base 4 figures on a 25 by 30mm base with 6 bases per unit. The eagle eyed will realise that this is one base per company for French organised battalions.  The bases are all finished in Humbrol Green (80).  I use the same green on my figure bases but these are gloss varnished where as the green is left Matt on the MDF bases.

First up is the Nassau bttn deployed in line.

For single figures I am using 15 by 15mm bases. Here a Polish battalion is in column and as I had a few extra figures I can use this as extras.

You will notice that neither the Nassau or Polish units have flags. As neither unit has s standard bearer I will simply add a free stsnding flag next to an officer figure.

I had enough figures left over for a 6 figure Skirmish unit. For a battalion that can deploy into skirmish order I will use 2 figure on base 25mm by 15mm with 12 bases per unit. This will alow them to fight as as a line unit as well.

A skirmish unit is 2 bases in pairs and 2 singly.

My only completed cavalry are the 8th Hussars. These are based with 2 figures on 30 by 30mm bases and 2 singles on 15 by 30mm.

I am working on my French unit from Oxfam with a little repainting of the white. Once these are done I will base them along with my 12 Hungarians and 12 Portuguese I also picked from Oxfam.

Almost enough for a small game if I use the Nassauers as Allied.

I may press into service some old minifig artillery crew and cavalry for the first game.


  1. Mark they all look excellent based up, good job! The paint job on your Oxfam troops is actually very good and compliments your own work with the hussars. I look forward to seeing your first game.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!!

    Best Regards,


  3. Getting the right basing is critical , but think you have got it right ! . The figures are looking good , Tony

  4. The figures are looking stunning, Tony. You've found a much better green for your table top than i have, too!

  5. Mark, a lovely classic look for classic figures. Look forward to seeing how a game goes.