Sunday 6 August 2017

HInton Hunt French Infantry

Over the last 2 weeks I have been continuing refurbishing and basing on my classic Napoleonics.

First up is are some French.  I have repainted the white on the trousers and the front of the uniform but left the turnbacks and straps on the back packs alone. I use Vallejo Off White rather than full white.

If you do touch up the paint job on old figures then the key is to keep it simple as its easy to get carried away and end if over painting the whole figure.

The a Grenadiers had been originally painted as Voltigeurs so a splash of red and voila they are now Grenadiers.

I also had enough Voltigeurs to form s skirmish company. The officer is in fact an artilleryman. The French light firing is one of my favourite Hinton Hunt figures.

A close up of the Voltigeur shows the original, slightly yellowed white on the pack, and the fresher off white on the trousers.

I have a few old minifigs S 
Range in my lead pile and I decided to freshen up some French Artillery crew to use until I get my Hinton Hunt Guard Artillery done.

The Minifig figures are s little bigger but I do like the chap with the telescope seen here next to a Hinton officer.

My original Napoleonic collection in the 70s consisted of figures from a range of manufacturers and they all happily coexisted in my games. I do have a few S Range Minifig cavalry which may get a refurb so I can start playing some classic games whilst my forces gather. John Cunningham has added more Cavalry figures to his recast list so I will be recruiting some cavalry soon.

To finish off I have have based a unit of 12 Portuguese I got from Oxfam and the 12 Hungarians I painted earlier this year.

Until I get the rest of the full Hungarian unit done I will just have to combine these into a rather odd wargame unit.


  1. These figures take me back to my youth , spent hours looking at badly reproduced catalogues with hardly and illustrations of the figures in them , Tony

  2. Looking good, makes me wish I'd kept all my old guys from years ago.
    And elegant simplistic charm

  3. Mark, I think you have done a lovely job with all of these. Making odd adhoc units takes me back to the start of my own HH project and is about as old school as it gets - well done!

  4. Mark,
    Very glad to see someone else refurbing these old figures. I was able to purchase a rather large lot of mostly Russians, with some French and a smattering of Austrians, that I have been working to repaint. Most really need to be stripped and repainted, but have tried to identify a few units that I can just touch up to make serviceable. I am guilty of what you describe however, and think I might have been better off just starting over due to the extent of the repaint.

    I'm looking for a few odds and ends and also have a few I'd be willing to trade so if you have any extras let me know. My blog is:
    Right now I am particularly interested in finding some french line that match the ones shown on my blog; DK #158? and some Russian Cossacks in busby DK#87.

    All the best,


    1. Hi David

      I have a few French HH similiar to the DK ones however I am not sure they will mix.

      Have you got copy of John Cunnunghams HH recast catalogue ?