Monday, 5 July 2010

The Campaign

After a couple of false starts I have finally got the Campaign underway. It is basically a 2 player game of the Sport of Kings campaign from Age of Reason. Tim is commanding Britain, Prussia and Sweden whilst I am commanding France, Austria and Russia.

The open move has generated 3 engagements which will be played put over the next 2 months.

The first battle is between the Austrians (7 sps) and Prussians (6 sps). We are going to use Bob Jones new rules Zoauve :Repique rules.

We are going to play the game as an FPW game with the French representing the Austrians. Each SP will be a brigade which will be represented by 2 wargame units on the table.

The second game is an action America with the French (5 sps) taking on the British (3 sps). The game will be fought as an ACW game with the Union taking the role of the French and the Rebels the British. The game will be played using Don Featherstone’s Horse and Musket rules from the Old School classic - the War Game. Each SP will be represented by a brigade of 2 regiments.

The third game is a much larger affair with a battle in Silesia between Russians and Austrians. Each side has 12 SPs. We are likely to use Piquet for this one but this may change.

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Der Alte Fritz said...

Sport of Kings is a great campaign system. I have had a lot of fun playing it.