Saturday, 19 May 2018

Marshal Murat

Marshal Joachim Murat (1767-1815) was one of Napoleons most flamboyant and dashing cavalry commanders, but he was perhaps less impressive later in the wars, when he was promoted beyond his abilities. Which is perhaps true of many of Napoleons Marshals particularly in the later campaigns.

This morning I finished painting my Alberken/Minifig Murat. 

I have based the uniform on the one he wore in the earlier campaigns and the battle of Austerlitz.

Many of the pictures show him riding a white horse. Whether he did, or whether it was artistic licence, I decided to go for a darker horse to act as a contrast to the uniform.

Pictures also show his white uniform festooned with gold but I decided to tone it down a bit. 

Having got a Murat perhaps I should paint him a unit of Infantry to lead and in my 1815 armies my Murat will be present at Waterloo.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

French Line Carabiniers

Next up on the painting table are some JC recast French Line Carabiniers. The unit consists of 11 FN311 Line Carabiniers and 1 single figure casting FN106.

I decided to try and make a trumpeter using the FN106. Using my dremel I removed the carbine, cuirass, cartridge box an belt.

I tried making a trumpet however I could not get a reasonable result.  I therefore made one using  the trumpet and hand from a plastic Zveszda SYW Prussian Hussar.

Where the Carbine had been a used the point of a file to dot the metal to look like a sheepskin.

Finally I used a little bit of Miliput to add a sword hilt. I also used Miliput on the bases of all the cavalry to fill and smooth the bases.

Sunday, 13 May 2018


No self respecting Napoleonic collection would be complete without a Napoleon.

I got the figure of ebay a while back and finished him this morning.

The Alberken Murat figure is nearing completion and I have started cleaning up 12 recast French Carabiniers ready to join the painting queue.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Old Guard Artillery

It has taken longer than planned but I have completed my Old Guard Artillery. There are 5 original Hinton Hunt figures and 3 Alberken/minifigs. The artillery are I think Warrior pieces I picked up at the old Harrogate show about 20 years ago.

Here is a comparison of an Alberken and Hinton side by side. The pose is similar and the two could almost be twins.

For those of weak disposition look away now.

Years ago I painted some plastic HaT 1806 Prussians as Spanish. The other day I found them and decided to give them a couple of coats of good old gloss and put them on new bases.

A bit rough and ready around the edges but usable whilst I slowly build up my classic armies

Will I be burned at the stake as a heretic I wonder.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Wargaming with Screws

Back in August 1969 I bought my first Wargame Magazine - Miniature Warfare - for the princely sum of 3/6. 

At the time 20mm was the smallest figures you could get. I dont think Peter Laing 15mm when then available.

This did not stop intrepid Wargamers experimenting with smaller scales.

In the magazine was an article on using screws to game with.  What is even more surprising is that they were used individually and not even based multiplly on  stands.

1/4 screws fot infantry is very close to 6mm.

I wonder if anyone actually tried this at the time. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

From the Archives and a small competition

I have been delving through my old Miniature Warfare magazines and found a few more interesting classic photos.

Firstly a nicely posed scene with Napoleon watching Marshal Ney leading his troops on the way Waterloo. No doubt his is still muttering under his breath someting about the reserves he had been promised at Quartre Bras. I rather like this.

Some Prussian Artillery manning what looms like a Hinchcliffe French 12lb artillery piece. 

Two pictures of a large game between French and Swedes. The French are Hintons. The Swedes are harder to make out.

I used to have one if these cardboard Elizabethan houses in the 70s. I know you can still get them but they were a challenge to build then and I am sure they will be just as difficult if I tried building one today.

The figures look to be Hinton Young Guard. Although the standard bearer is a converted Airfix ACW figure.

And finally the competition.

I have a spare recast Alberken Murat figure as a free prize.


I was recently in London and I visited a location of one of my favourite hobby shops in the late 60s/early 70s. This is what the shop looks like today.

So all you have to do is guess the name of the shop and send me an email. Which can be found in my blogger details 

The competition closes at 18:00 on Sunday 15th. If there is more than one successful entry I will draw a winner.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

The 'Monster' himself

I have dipped and cleaned up the  next batch of figures ready for the painting table.

First up a vintage Napoleon.  When I was a callow youth I had a Minifig S Range Napoleon and I am looking forward to painting him.

Next to him is a rather flamboyant Alberken recast of Murat. He will need a suitably exotic uniform to bring him to life.

I have also got some Old Guard gunners ready to go.  Three are Alberken figures with the remaining ones are Hintons which I bought from Camden Passage.

I had to do a bit if repair to the gunner with the hand spike.  It was miscast when I got the figure from Hinton Hunt. I used the plastic brush from an old broom and super glue and pva to effect the repair.  This drys rock solid and far stronger then super glue on its own.