Sunday, 19 April 2015

Battle of Stollenwitz

Inspired by Jim Purkeys recent Battle of Mollwitz game on his blog I decided to set up my own Imaginations version. I have also been intending to give Jims SYW rules a whirl and this seemed an ideal opportunity to try them out.

I used a figures scale 1 figure equally 100 men or thereabouts. This gave the Prussians 8 units of  Infantry and 4 Cavalry. The Austrians have  5 Infantry and 8 Cavalry.

It's late 1740 and the Elector of Furstenburg-Lederhosen has decided that he wants to give his citizens a Christmas party and he needs large quantities of Streitzel. In order to met this demand he decides to invade the neigbouring territory of Milesia and capture the town of Stollenwitz.

The Duchy of Lorraine decides to comes to the Milesian aid and despatches a force to defend Stollenwitz. The scene is set and my Prince August figures have been arrayed for battle.

I used a couple of old whitish blankets to provide the terrain.  The pictures show the game all set up to go.  I am planning to play the game solo however my son Max may play a few turns.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Prince August Reinforcements

The postman bought a nice little box for me today courtesy of EBay.

In all 24 figures. I will probably do a little touch up here and there but these will fit in very well with my own figures.  

In all I now have over 110 cavalry figures. I need to paint a few extra figures to bring my squadrons up to strength with 6 troopers and a officer type.  My cavalry have 2 or 3 squadrons per regiment.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Battle of Burley Farm

The Spring of 1862 sees both the Federal and Rebel Governments looking to control the strategical important area of the Menston Valley.

To this end by sides dispatch a brigade of 2 regiments and a battery of guns. The     Union are led by the newly appointed General Maximilian Joseph. The Rebels are led by General Daniels.

The 2 sides met at Burley Farm as they advance up the Otley Town Pike.

The Rebels push forward with the 2nd North Carolina advancing towards the farm.

The Union 10th Vermont are surprised as both sides trades opening volleys. With loses mounting on both sides it is the Union who break and run away. The Rebels have gained the farm.

On the other flank the 14th Virginia move into the woods and as they advance the 
Find their way blocked by the 5th New York. Both sides blaze away at each other at point blank range.

With the acrid smell of gunpowder soon pervading the woods and with thick smokeay it difficult to see more than a few yard sit is the New Yorkers who give way first. 

The Virginians have there gander up now and with rebel yells piercing the sound of battle they rush forward overpowering the gunners of Battery B and capturing the guns.

The battle is over and the rebels are everywhere victorious. 

Max enjoyed the game and wants to play again,

I sort of made the rules up as I went along and used musketry and Melee fr the War Game. Artillery from Charge with morale based on losing stands.

The game was fought on the kitchen table and I used a cheap IKEA green throw foe the battlefield with a few plastic merit trees.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Plastic ACW

My son Max has been working on his 1/72 plastic ACW figures. Yesterday I cut him some 40mm square bases from Art Board. He then painted the bases Green, with some help from his sister.

This morning he sat down and stuck the figures to the bases and added some flock.

In all he got 4 regiments of 24 figures and  an artillery piece done. He is chuffed and is planning to get more done.

He already knows how to play the basic rules from Charge sowe can use these or perhaps use the Wargame.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Workbench

Just finished revamping the first unit of my ECW collection. Infantry are now on 40mm square basis.

I have also changed my basing style to a more classic look reminiscent of Peter Gilder using filler, sand and Humbrol Grass Green (number 80).

I might do a bit more highlighting on the earth groundwork and even stick the odd tuft on a base. However I feel a simpler basing style helps the figures stand out particular when compared to some of the modern basing which looks the Chelsea Flower show than a battlefield.

Marston Moor

I attended a training course in York last week. On the Friday, as the course had finished, I decided to drive home via Tockwith and stopped at Marston Moor.

Map on the monument shows the armies deployed.

Looking down the lane where Gorings Cavalry were deployed.

View towards where the Royalist Infantry would have been arrayed for battle,

The small stand of trees on the slight rise where the Roundheads deployed.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Seven Years War Campaign

In Sam Mustafa Might and Reason rules he has campaign rules using the board game 'Soldier Kings' by Avalanche Games. I have had a copy of this for a number of years and I thought it would be interesting to run a solo campaign using the game.

The game used area movement and can be played as European or worldwide conflicts including North America, the Caribbean, India and the Spice Islands.

This is the European Map.

I am going to kick off this campaign using  the Global Map and the "The World at War' set up. I am going to use the 2 player set up. This will see France and Austria, with Saxony as an Austrian minor ally, up against Prussia and Britain. 

My plans are to use the Board Game rules for Naval Combat as I don't have any ships. For land combat I will use different rules and figures.  

The figure collections I am thinking of using include:

40mm Prince August Imaginations
28mm SYW
28mm French and Indian Wars

I may also fight the odd game using my 28mm Great Northern War and 15mm Napoleonic collections.

For rules I have a wide choice of options including:

The War Game
Jim Purkeys SYW rules
Musket and Tomahawks
Might and Reason
Don Featherstone 1750 Newsletter rules
Beneath the Lily Banners
Lasalle if I do a Napoleonic game.

Whatever rules I use I will translate the campaign battles into tabletop battles and having fought a battle translate the loses back into board game and flip/remove armies as required.

I am going to set the game up over the next week and I hope to be able to fight the first battle in the coming weeks