Sunday, 26 December 2010

War of The Spanish Succesion

I have finished my first unit of French (less the flag) of for the WSS. Tim will being doing British and Graham the army of Piedmont. We have decided to use 20mm Plastic figures from the Zvezda GNW range. These figures are really well sculpted and do paint up well.  

This battalion represents the Royal Regimnet and was one of the French units dressed in Grey/White. 


Prince Lupus said...

Another nice job. I'm a big fan of Zvezda. The full coats are perfect for most WSS armies.

Had some Russkie dragoons for Christmas - another lovely set of figures.

IM said...

Very nice, but if those bases are 42mm square then there is something wrong with your camera.

I have finally got my figures and am hoping to make a start this week.