Sunday, 10 July 2011

Battle of Fontenoy - the set up

Its been a while since I played the Battle of Fontenoy.  In fact I last played its was in 1975 on my mothers white carpet using hordes of unpainted Spencer Smith figures. My brother played the Allies and I the French. It was one of my most handsome victories. 

Anyway fast forward to 2011 - some 36 year later and the battle is back on.  We are going to use the War Game, using the copy of the book I received as a Christmas present in 1971 - and still in good condition.   

I am using a range of different Tricorn types including SYW, GNW as well as some of my old school 30mm figures. I used Wargaming in History - Volume 2, by Messrs Grant and Olley , for the set up. My units are 36 men for Infantry and 16 for Cavalry. 

The Allied centre advances through the early morning mist. Cavalry and man handled artillery leading the way.  The Artillery is from my GNW Russian collection.  

I have very few French figures so my SYW Prussians make up the bulk of the French army.  Here the ranks of infantry supported by cavalry make up the French centre.

French Cavalry deployed in reserve. In all the French have 3 heavy and 1 light cavalry regiments

The Allied centre is lead on to the field by Heavy Austrian Cavalry. Front Rank figures

The  village Fontenoy is well defended by French Infantry - in this case a unit of Prussians from the excellent Elite range.

A close up of the defenders.

Facing Fontenoy the allies have deployed 3 regiments - lead by a unit of Hungarian infantry

Between Fontenoy and Antoing the French have to redoubts. The first is defended by 18 figures from the Erbprinz, Stuck to cardboard bases for this game using blue tack.  

And finally the French second line with the Bois de Barry (Lyndon) in the distance. 

Full report of the action to follow


Mosstrooper said...

look forward to what looks like an exciting game

rob3rod said...

Really nice figures Mark, but a very tough battle for the allies.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Robbie

Once we have played the game I plan to rerun the game using your rules Nostalgic Whim rules

Bluebear Jeff said...

I also look forward to the after action report.

-- Jeff

Captain Nolan said...

Something happened to the pictures in this post. They appear as a white vertical line!

Mark Dudley said...

Fixed - thanks