Sunday, 14 August 2011

Adler Miniatures

I thought I would have a go at some small scale figures so have recently bought a few of the excellent Adler 6mm SYW figures.  I have organised these as 48 figures units with 6 extra officer figures. My thoughts are to get enough to play the War Game or Charge on the kitchen table using cm instead inches and use roster sheets to mark off casualties.  Here a couple of shots of the first unit.  



Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of these painted and unpainted and was thinking of using them for an imagination campaign. As you noted you can play a battle on a small table using cm instead of inches. Thanks for the entry, it has inspired me to drag these figures out and see what I can make out of them.


Liu Liu said...

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Captain Nolan said...

Nice figures. I have a couple of sets of these (Prussian and Austrian armies). I will get to them someday. I wish we lived closer than 4,800 miles apart; I think we would get along well. We seem to have similar gaming tastes.