Sunday, 22 September 2013

Musket and Tomahawks

We had a game of Musket and Tomahawks on Friday. This was our first game with these rules and it was good fun game.

The game was set during the American War of Independence and featured our small collection of 40mm figures made by Sash and Sabre and Front Rank. We will be using these rules and figures for our participation game at next February's York show.

The British had one regular and light infantry units whilst the rebels had one continental, militia and rifle units.

The game was close with each side thinking they were going to win until the end.

Ultimately it was the British Light Infantry who won the day.

They fought and attack by the American militia. Falling back they reformed and them proceeded to open up with their muskets. The militia were unable to take the accurate fire and quit the field,

These rules are fun and I can see working for some Petit Guerre action between the Elector of Lederhosen Furstenburg and Duke of Calvados using my 40mm Prince August figures,