Thursday, 24 October 2013

Plattville Project

I kicked off this project sometime ago and it has languished for over a year. Although I did put on the Battle of Plattville at Triples in May using my 40mm Prince August figures.

The recent passing of Donald Featherstone is something that I want to mark by celebrating his contribution to this great hobby.

I met Don twice. The first time was circa 1970 when my father took me to Dons house. I remember going but nothing about the conversation we had. The second time was about a decade ago at Historicon.

I have decided that that my stalled Plattvile project needs to re started and that it would be my celebration to Don.

I have now finished my second unit of metal Spencer Smith figures. They are Gloss varnished and un based.

I have also started gathering extra bits and pieces. Firstly I have managed to get 260 original plastic Spencer Smith figures. This cost a bit but are just right for my project. The first unit is on the painting table.

I have also got two packs of Merit plastic trees to use for Platts wood. And the search for a rubber Triang church is underway.



Jim Duncan said...

Great stuff Mark.

You're starting to catch me up in ACW terms.

I better get a move on and finish my next 8 Regiments of infantry and then 2 Regiments of cavalry.


Cesar Paz said...

Very nice painting job! I love this Spencer Smith model soldiers. I think they look very good over the tabletop (even better than many of the more sophisticated figures now available). Simple but effective. What figures will you use for cavalry?
Regards Cesar

Jim Duncan said...


I would presume that Mark is doing something similar to mine!

Cesar Paz said...

Oh I see Jim! The SSM ACW Cavalry figure. I have some of them.
You have a wonderfull blog, with lots of nicely painted SSM figures.
I specialy like the idea of using the frontiersmen as dismounted cavalry and the converted mounted trumpeter.

Jim Duncan said...


Sorry if I have hi-jacked your blog.

We do, of course, want to see your cavalry when they are ready!


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim

No problem.

I have about 40 plastic SSM Confederate cavalry waiting to be painted.

I do enjoy painting these 'people'.



Ross Mac said...

The painting and finish on these is just right. What a great project!

CelticCurmudgeon said...

You've done an exceptional job with these figures! For a spot more variation you can use just about any shade of gray for the CSA jackets and the CSA leatherwork can be done in shades of brown to reflect the lack of black leather dye.
Wonderful stuff!
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

tradgardmastare said...

Great figures and the prospect of some quality gaming ahead...
I was interested in the part about Don,was your Dad a gamer at all?

Simon Miller said...

It's a fine idea! I read the Plattville battle account some many times in my youth.

Mark Dudley said...


My father was not a gamer. He did however take me to the local library and it was on one such trip that I came home with a copy of 'Charge'. I have been a gamer ever since.

Corporal_Trim said...

Very appealing figures, Mark. Love the glossy paint jobs.