Saturday, 19 April 2014

Plattville Project - review

I have been making slow but steady progress with my classic ACW project using Spencer Smith plastic and metal figures.

Having just finished some artillery I thought a quick parade of the forces was in order.  

So here we go a few snaps of the lads.

And how they would have looked in 1962.


Mosstrooper said...

I always find black and white photos very atmospheric

Cesar Paz said...

I love this figures, and you have made a very nice paint job. They look wonderful!
I hope you go on with this project.
I am also working in an ACW project using this figures. I have made some conversions for cavalry, zouves and officers. If you want you could see them here:
I have also refight D.Featherstone BWMS scenario some times using Ross Mac Farlane´s "With McDuff to the Frontier" rules. Here are some photos (in McDuff alums):
Regards, César.
P.S.: What is the material of your terrain surface?

Jim Duncan said...

They're coming along Mark.


Mark Dudley said...

H Cesar

I have seen your figures and the conversions. The terrain is an IKEA throw called Polarvide . Unfortunately they don't make them in green anymore.

I have enough plastic Spencer Smiths to do another 6 infantry regiments. I also have at least 80 Confederate cavalry but no Union ones.


Chris Gregg said...

The black and white effect is very clever. It helps me realise why we were so uncritical of the simplified paint styles of the 1960s. Good luck with this very evocative project.