Monday, 9 February 2015

Birthday Battle

This weekend my son Max had 3 friends over for a small birthday celebration and for a spot of tea and wargaming.

I set up a small game up using the scenario - 'Action' from Charles Grants classic The War Game.

The 2 sides were equally balanced and consisted of the following.

The Electors army had

Liebgarden Infantry regiment
Hock Infantry regiment
Schuch Jäger Korps
Electors Garde Cuirassier

The Duchy of Calvados (the Imperialists) fielded

Brie Infantry regiment
Royal Bourssin regiment
Grenz de Moules
Rochefort Dragoons

Infantry units had 24 figures plus 2 officers. Light infantry 9 figures and the cavalry 12. Artillery consisted of a single gun and 5 crew. Each army had a commander and Aide de Camp.

The rules used were the basic ones from Charge with a few amendments.

1. Rather than have an army quit the field  when it reached 50% I used the advance rules and units infantry and artillery retire when they reached 50% and Cavalry and Light units on reaching 33%.

2. I added Light Infantry and allowed them to move 9" in all terrain. They fired as skirmishes needing 6 to hit at range 6-9 inches. 5 or 6 at 3-6 inch range and 4,5, or 6 at 0-3 inch range.

3. Infantry and Light infantry who moved 3inches, or less, of their full move could fire. Moving a full move would mean a unit could not fire.

The Electoral army arrayed ready for the battle.

The Electoral Garde Cuirassier deployed on the left and the gun and light infantry on the right.

The Imperialists deployed their army as a mirror of their opponents.  This means that both sides cavalry faced their opponents light infantry and artillery.

The Infantry faced each other on the centre.

A close up of the Royal Boursson deployed for action. 

The game started with both sides advancing. The Imperialists drop their artillery first and halted their Infantry line.

The Imperialists opened up on the Electoral Garde Cuirassier causing the first casualty.

The Electoral army won't the dice toss at the start of the next turn and asked the Imperialists to move first, 

The Grenz de Moules quickly moved through the wood and occupied a small walled enclosure. This flanked the Electoral Garde Cuirassier who faced with either pulling back or advancing on the Imperial gun.  

They choose to advance.

Inspite of taking artillery roundshot and canister fire they charged home putting he gunners to the sword.

Meanwhile the Infantry clash had started with both sides trading volleys . 

Meanwhile the Rochfort Dragoons held back keeping the Schuch Jäger Korps in check but at a cost of casualties from the  Electoral artillery.

The Grenz de Moules, with no cavalry facing them, nimbly nipped across the low walls of the enclosure and moving 6  inches were able to flank the LiebGarden. 

The fire of the Grenz plus that of the Brie proves too much for the LiebGarden who reach 50% and are forced to retire. The Hock now find themselves outnumbered and although they get the better of the Royal Bourssin the end is quick. Next turn they too reach 50% loses. 

With both of his Infantry units in retreat and the Electoral Garde Cuirassier badly mauled the Elector Maximilian decides that he has seen enough and orders his remaing troops to retire.

The youngsters enjoyed themselves and there was interest in having another game this time with Tanks.  

Looks like my old western desert tanks, some dating from the early 70s, might see some action. Rapid Fire might be good choice of rules for the next game.

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Chris Gregg said...

Very nice looking game, just right for youngsters. I have used the free downloadable "Rapid Fire! for Rookies" to good effect with a teenage group.