Sunday, 26 July 2015

Saxon Hussars

This year has been pretty slow on the painting front.  What limited time I have seems to be spent on re basing.  

This morning I decided to re start painting my Saxon RSM Hussars. I have 12 of them that I started at least 18 months ago but I am finding really hard to motivate myself to complete.  So I got 6 of them out of their box and got the paints out.

These pictures show how far I got with them.

Let's see if I can get them finished by end of next weekend.  


Allan Tidmarsh said...

coming along nicely

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes indeed! They look good thus far. I've got 28 or 30 of the same figure(s), but I too am having a hard time motivating myself to paint hussars again after the last batch of 30 in 2010-2011.

Best Regards,


Scheck said...

I understand you well with the feeling of being slow in painting process - same to me some times, especially when professional life is taking all energies...
They come out great, already!

Keith Flint said...

Saxon hussars? Didn't even know the Saxons had hussars in the SYW. I thought the only light cavalry were the chevauxlegers. You learn something new every day - any more info greatly appreciated.

Despite my enthusiasm for the RSM range, I think it has to be said that the poses for their cavalry are a bit bland and unimaginative, something that is particularly evident in the various hussar designs. But great work on the painting.

Best wishes, Keith.

Liu Liu said...
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