Friday, 7 August 2015

Saxon Hussars completed

I finished painting the 6 Saxon Hussars last weekend and have now completed the basing in the Peter Gilder style.

Painting a fewer number of figures makes  it easier to keep the concentration levels particularly painting the difficult bits.  

These figures were challenging to paint for 3 reasons.

1. There are Hussars
2. RSM figures have less defined detail when compared to more modern figures.
3.  The colour combination of Red, Yellow and White was interesting.

Anyway here is how they turned out.


Graham C said...

Looking good - only 24 more to go?

Liu Liu said...
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Colin said...

Very nice, I have some Eureka Saxon hussars on the stocks to do as this unit, thankfully only a small unit in real life.

Scheck said...

Indeed, the Saxon hussars had this particular colors and they come out greatly on your pictures.
Your beautiful unit seduces me to also paint such...!!
Thank you for this inspiring post, Peter

Anonymous said...

really like these, can I ask how you did the basing?

Mark Dudley said...


There is pretty good description on the Peter Gilder basing method here