Sunday, 4 October 2015

Basing Update

This week I have been able to complete the re basing on a few of my SYW/WAS collection.

First up a Hungarian Unit consisting of Front Rank and a few Crusader Grenadiers.  I painted these figures over a decade ago at at time when I painted eyes on figures. The unit is organised with the Grenadier company attached to bring it up to strength at 30 figures.

And to add a bit of fire power I have finished the re basing  of 2 light artillery pieces. These use Front Rank figures.   I iintend to use one Light gun for every 2 infantry units.

Anf finally I have finished the Saxon Spencer Smith figures. I need to get some Flags for both the Hungarian and these chaps. As far as I know only Maverick have Saxon flags.

Next up on the painting table are the 20mm Les Higgins figures started earlier this year.


Jim Duncan said...

Gradual improvement all round!

Well done.

Dave said...

Coming together nicely ol'boy