Sunday, 29 May 2016


I now have permanent a workbench, the trouble is seems to get full of clutter

Currently I am slowly rebasing some 15mm Napoleonics and a unit of SYW Prussians are about to be issued their cheap and cheerful flags made from images on Kronoskaf.

At least the view from my hobby room across the Wharfe Valley is nice at this time if year.  


Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice view!

Jim Duncan said...

Very nice view, all I get is a view of my crumbling garden wall which needs rescuing.

Graham C said...

Very nice view and now the paint table is established loads will get done.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

What a great view

John Ray said...

Wonderful view.

Chris Gregg said...

Cheap and cheerful flags are fine - join the revolution against elitist hand painted banners! Your view is even better than mine across the River Frome to Minchinhampton Common, I'm jealous.