Monday, 13 June 2016

Wargaming Weekend

This weekend I spent an excellent time with 20 other fellow members of AMG.

The event was organised by Graham Cummings (of Crann Tara Miniatures) and  his organisation made for a smooth event.

There were 4 games put on by various members and these included Soor, The Sudan, Great Northern War and Chotusitz. 

The Chotusitz game was put on by myself and Steve Metheringham, who supplied the bulk of the figures. 

We used Piquet Field of Battle and was the first time I had used them in over 5 years.

In all we had 7 players over the two days.  On Saturday the Prussians were able to hold off the Austrians long enough for Frederick Infantry to arrive and using their superior musketry defeat the Austrian Infantry.

On Sunday the Austrian cavalry dominated the Prussians so much so that Fredericks Infantry were unable to  stave off the final combined attack of the  Austrian Infantry and Cavalry.

Here are some pictures of the games.

Some pictures of the other excellent games available over the weekend.


Chris Gregg said...

Thank you Mark and Steve for all you did to help provide such an enjoyable weekend. I can't say the Prussian experience in the game I was in was a particularly happy one except for the opportunity to use your wonderful old school style 40mm PA castings so superbly presented - well done.

Carlo said...

Great photographs Mark - very, very jealous over here in Australia.

Scheck said...

Wonderful! I saw some Prince August miniatures in 40mm! Makes me happy.. Thank you for this post, I so appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic weekend Mark, it was great to meet you.
Thanks for posting and sharing your photo's.

Isembourg said...

Fantastic , as I'm string out my unpainted figures i find Baccus prussians,Austrians and french SYW armies
Spencer smith plastic 30mm austrian front rank prussians and 1st corps french and Pendraken French.
Too many shows and not enough painting time.
I'm working on a theatre campaign system using a map table / box about 3 feet square I'll post it if I can polish it up.
Mike L