Thursday, 29 December 2016

More 6mm Austrians

I have finished a few more Austrian 6mm figures over the Christmas break.

First some Austrian command stands seen here posing in front of my first home 6mm trees.

A closer look. I used one pence pieces for both the command stands and trees.

I am planning a small game with my son Max in the next few days and I only have one Austrian Infantry unit painted up. So I decided  to add a couple of companies of Slavonisch-Peterwardeiner Grenzer.

My 6mm collection armies are slowly growing. For the Prussians I have 2 Infantry units and a Cuirassier unit. For the Austrians I have 1 Infantry and 1 Cuirassier unit supported by 2 guns and 2 companies of Grenz.

Enough for a small game using the War Game rules.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Very nice - but oh so small , don't think I could paint them ! , Tony

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

Neither did I until I tried.

Using an Optivisor certainly helps.


Jim Duncan said...

Coming along nicely.

See you at York?

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim

I will be at York.

I need to get some 6mm terrain and buildings.


Jim Duncan said...

I'll have a look and see if I have any spares/duplicates in my collection.