Saturday, 8 July 2017

More Reinforcements

Following my last post regarding  Minifig 20mm Voltigeur figures I was contacted Stryker (Ian). He had 6 Minifig Elites spare and would I like them. The generosity of Hinton Hunter aficionados is surprising into today's world.

Yesterday the postman delivered a small package. Its with some excitement that I opened the package to find in side 6 painted Minifigs elites painted, as far as I can see, as Westphalians.

The painting is almost certainly vintage as the gloss varnish shows signs of yellowing. However rather than stripping these chaps I think I will do a paint restoration and use them as an independent company of Light Infantry.

Ian also mentioned that we had sent something extra. Well I can say I was surprised to find he had sent me 4 of my original HH figures that I had transferred  to Ians service a decade ago. These figures still had my original paint job.

This now causes me a dilemma. Do I  use these as the cadre for a new Swiss unit and purchase extra figures from Johns recast and recreate the 3rd Swiss. That means I will have to paint my Minifig Voltigeurs as something else - perhaps a Light Infantry unit


lewisgunner said...

How about the Hanoverian Legion?

Wellington Man said...

Ian is Old School in all the best ways!

Archduke Piccolo said...

I'm very impressed with those Westphalian light infantry: superbly finished.

Mark Dudley said...

Thats a thought.

Mark Dudley said...

I agree. I have also received figures fron 2 other HH collectors.

Mark Dudley said...

Hopefully the paint restoration will enhance the finish.