Sunday, 27 August 2017

Garrison and Les Higgins Napoleonic reinforcements

Today I visited Graham to pick up a box of old Napoleonic figures which had been gifted to me by Donald. Donald was one of Grahams school wargaming friends in the early 70s.

Graham had recently met up with Donald after many years and when Donald realised that Graham knew me he passed on a file box of his old figures from school. Graham remebers they use to buy their figures from Blunts of Mill Hill Broadway. A shop a I occasionally visited.

Although there were no Hinton Hunt figures the box did contain over a 100 Garrison and Les Higgins figures. There were also 150 (ish) Hinchcliffe and Minfig 25mm figures and my son has got these out and is says he wants to play with them. He also asked about painting some.

Panorama of the LH and Garrison figures including some artillery.

Les Higgins  French Grenadiers/elites.

Garrison French Infantry

Garrison British Infantry. This has a code BN5 but I cannot find it on any list. There is a photo on Tony's Prometheus in Aspic blog.

Tony mentions that these don't come up very often perhaps because they had a short production run as they are a rather 'distintive' pose.

Garrison British Officer and Infantry.

Les Higgins British elites.

Any finally some Garrison French Chasseur a Cheval.  Back in the 70s I had a unit of Garrison Hussars so its nice to see these figures again.

Quiet a few of the figures have broken bayonets so I need to make some repairs. Of course I could just use them as they are as bayonets would only be fixed for a charge.


Colin Ashton said...

cor takes me back!

Graham C said...

Must be fate for,you to do this scale, everything seems to be falling into place. Brings back good memories.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Some classic figures there ! , good collection , Tony

Wellington Man said...

Mark, you have all the luck. These should paint up beautifully!
Best regards,

EB said...

You lucky chap.

Those Garrison figures are really rather splendid but I confess to being very unimpressed by the Les Higgins Napoleonic comparison to the WSS figures.