Sunday, 24 September 2017

Mystery Figure

As part of my recent Hinton Hunt Prussian Cavalry reinforcement Iain also included a gift of a box of 20mm Prussian Landwehr figures.

The figures look to be home cast as the bases are not complete. They are not Hinton Hunt but what are they.

The style is similiar to early Alberken/minifgs however I am unsure if either of these companies produced Prussian Landwehr.

Looking at the equipment I wondered if they could possibly be  Crimean Russians.

Perhaps I should paint one to see how they come up.


Alastair Morrison said...

Hi Mark...
I would say it's a Minifigs S range Crimean War Russian...
I had some of these back in my youth... I think there was two posses.
I am sure that the Lone S Ranger blog will have them listed somewhere .

All the best. Aly

Anonymous said...

It looks a bit like this.

Mark Dudley said...

Thanks for the replies.

They are indeed S Range minifig Russian Crimean War figures.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Yes they are rather nasty homecast versions of what is a very nice original figure

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Clive

I am inclined to agree and perhaps the best place for these figures is the melting pot.