Wednesday, 14 February 2018

French Elite Infantry - Progress

I have been making slow progress on the elite companies for the 5th Regiment. I have got to the point where I am the white bits (cross belts,straps and piping).  Its at this point I feel that I am finally getting somewhere at the end is in sight. 

For this unit I am also doing a coke can flag.  I have the basic colours added.  The next part will adding the embroidered details. This may take some time.

I hope this will be completed by the weekend ready for varnishing and basing.

Once this unit is done I will have enough figured done for a small game of Austro/Prussian/British vs French.

I plan to paint some cavalry next.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Looking good! Getting the webbing finished is a sign the work is almost done.

Stryker said...

Getting to the white strap stage is daunting but the end is in sight!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

I'll be interested in how the flag turns out , have thought of using tin myself.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jonathan

There is still the rest of the detail and tidying up to be done. But its all down hill from here.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Ian

I take my time on the white straps as this stands out on the finished figure.

In this respect its the French and British that take the longest to do.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

Cutting out the flag was easy and done with a pair of scissors. Modern coke cans are made of thin metal making it easy to bend even around a flag pole.


Wellington Man said...

French line grenadiers and voltigeurs are the spawn of Satan, Mark. I nearly killed myself painting a battalion of them. The key thing is to take your time, which is what you've very sensibly decided to do. They're looking superb.

When I've got a flag already mounted on a figure I always paint the flag first, just in case it all turns to custard - which has happened a few times. That way it's less of a disaster if I have to scrub it all off and start, maybe I shouldn't be mentioning this right now. Damn.
Best regards

Mark Dudley said...


As its a French Flag I will have to watch out for the 'Creme Anglaise' problem.

Slow and steady is definitely the best approach to painting these figures.


Anonymous said...


Super brushwork there. I'm sure the finished unit will be worth the effort.

Tony S

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

The Alberken/Minifig figures do paint up nicely.