Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Holiday Reinforcements Update

Following my recent post I have been given some command figures to lead my new recruits.

Firstly Ken has sent me a French Voltigeur Officer and a British Rifle Officer.

And secondly a French Voltigeur Bugler is shortly on its way from New Zealand, via Scotland, from Matt.

The Hinton Hunt community may be small,  and spread across all 4 corners if the globe, but is not only supportive but generous.

On my painting table I have the remaining 23 figures to complete the Prussian 9th RIR.

I started painting them on Sunday and I am painting a little bit each each day. I hope to have the figures finished this Sunday ready for basing.


Rob said...

I see the Rifle officer appears to be a little put off by the smell of garlic, or is he taking snuff?

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Call me strange, but isn't there some kind of raw beauty to unpainted castings?

Best Regards,


lewisgunner said...

Isn't the Rifles officer blowing a whistle? A very suitable way of signalling to his dispersed men.

Rob said...

Blowing a whistle? More likely sucking on spliff...