Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Lutzow finished

I have finished my Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm Freiherr von Lützow conversion.

I added a bit of gold and silver bling to act as a contrast with the black uniform.  I had a bit of trouble as his head came off and I have to reinforce with a small pin.

I added a small leather knapsack to help cover up the area where the the stock of the carbine had bee.

I could not find any reference to Lutzow ever wearing a hussar uniform . But then again I could find any references that said he did not wear one.

I used my pea dot effect on the sheepskin saddle cloth using 2 different shades of grey. Whilst slight cartoonist I do like the effect. I used the same effect to edge the fur on the pelisse.


lewisgunner said...

Very lovely and with a nice action feel to him. I love the 'small leather knapsack' Possibly for his pipe and tobacco.
I always pin swapped heads as otherwise the head will detach in years to come and be at risk of loss.

Anonymous said...

Here is a picture of Von Lutzow with a dolman and I think a pelisse.


Jim Duncan said...

Nicely done.

Stryker said...

Great work Mark!

Wellington Man said...

He is totally brilliant, Mark!

Mark Dudley said...

Or perhaps a flask of schnapps.

Mark Dudley said...

Interesting. The pelisse is lined in brown fur. I am going to leave mine as it is.

Thanks for the link

James Fisher said...

He's a beauty, well done Mark