Monday, 22 April 2019

Men in Black

The Brunswick Ducal Corps were commonly known as the Black Brunswickers but were also known as the Schwarze Schar (Black Troop, Black Horde, or Black Host) or Schwarze Legion (Black Legion).

Most units in the Corps were dressed in Black and I have completed a paint rennovation unit on a unit of Austrians as the 1st Line Infantry.

The Black Brunswickers earned a fearsome reputation during the Napoleonic wars and took part in several significant battles including the Waterloo campaign and Quartre Bras on 16 June 1815, where the Duke of Brunswick was a fatality wounded.

The flag is hand painted on a old metal coke can.  I found the yellow hard to do using Acyrlic paint as it took multiple coats and has not covered evenly. Perhaps I need to invest in some Humbrol enamel paint for my flags for the main colours.

The Brunswickers will be brigaded with my Nassau Battalion.

I have a unit, of what looks like original, Hinton Hunt Brunswick Hussars in a bleach bath at the moment so you can expect to see some more Men in Black soon.

Currently on the painting table are the Duke of Wellington and General Picton as well a paint renovation of 12 old Douglas French Voltigeurs


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Yellow is an awkward colour isn't it , found the best one to be GW yellow (can't remember what silly name it's called)

Quantrilltoy said...

You need a good mat white undercoat as it is difficult to paint yellow over darker colours or bare metal and plastic.

Wellington Man said...

Best regards

Rob said...

A striking unit - they certainly look menacing, although I don't recall the Brunswick troops having a particularly fearsome reputation? I've always thought black uniforms were hard to paint but clearly that's not the case if you gloss varnish them - it lifts them and makes them look smart as opposed to matt and dull.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Which figures did you use for the officers/drummers?

mojoworking said...

Nice work there Mark, looking forward to seeing the Hussars completed.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

I will have a look at the GW paints in my local Boyes. Thanks

Mark Dudley said...


I will try white enamel undercoat on my flags in future.

Mark Dudley said...

Thanks WM

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Rob

They were plain boring Matt Black with a light grey dry brush before two coats of gloss varnish brought the figures to life.

Mark Dudley said...

The command figures (officer, drummer and standard bearer) are all from the old Kennington Miniatures which are now carried by SHQ miniatures.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Dave

The Hussars have had a bleach dip and await cleaning up to remove flash. I hope to start painting them in the next few weeks.