Sunday, 25 August 2019

Refurbing my ACW collection.

I taken a break from my classic  Napoleonics to do a spot of refurbing of my old ACW collection.

I have a reasonably sized 28mm ACW collection of some 700 - 800 figures which I collected over 20 years ago. I have not used them for a while now and decided to rebasing and touch up the chipped paint.

As  I no longer have a permanent wargame table I decided to reorganise the Infantry as 24 figure regiments on 6 30 by 40mm bases.  I have also kept the basing style fairly simple with no exotic flora as seems to be the fashion nowadays. My armies fight in fields and not a show garden at the RHS show.

Here a few of the units of I have completed so far.

The 4th Texas using 1st Corps figures.

Louisiana Tigers with 1st Corps figures with an odd figure which I think is Hinchcliffe.

A Confederate firing line again all 1st Corps figures.

The Iron Brigade - all 1st Corps figures.

And inevitably the 20th Maine using Old Glory figures with a 1st Corps standard bearer.


Rob said...

I like the painting style, it brings out the life in figures that look full of action but don't follow the modern standard of sculpting. Does this mean you've abandoned the idea of Jacklex ACW armies? Or did you always intend something colonial with Jacklex? The Boer War series would do a very nice Pony Wars style game, albeit burning the farmsteads (to stop them supporting the Kommandos) rather than rescuing them from hostile natives...

Jonathan Freitag said...

This is very nice collection. Rebasing always brings new life to a dormant collection. Well, at least for me.

Stryker said...

I really like those Mark (ACW is my second period of interest), great painting. The Iron Brigade are my favourite in your line up, those 1st Corps figures have always tempted me. I look forward to seeing more!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Lovely collection!

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Rob

I have 700, or so, 28mm ACW figures and rather start doing the ACW in 20mm I thought it was probably better to use what I already have.

I of course may go back to Jacklex at a later date

Mark Dudley said...

It may take some time to get these done. Then there are my 28mm SYW that could do with freshening up.

Mark Dudley said...

The 1st Corps figures are very nice and easy to paint. What I need to do is play a few games with these figures. I just need to decide which rules to use.

Perhaps an ACW adaptation of your M&M rules.