Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Grumblers Part 1

I made some progress on the first  figures of my Old Guard unit. I need to crack on with these so I can get them finished before Strykers unit of Old Guard. See his latest blog post.

He has a head start. I am targeting to complete the unit on the 18th June.

I have got some painting done today

These are all JC recasts and are cast  from one on my original figures. I am painting these as later period 1813-15 and I am going for Black campaign style gaiters.

And now for a mystery, well a mystery to me that is. I have a French Sapper figure who I assume is an Old Guard chap who will be part of my unit. But who made this figure. The base was miscast, hence the Milliput I have added, but does look a bit Hinton Huntish.

I have check Clives blog and listings and there is no Sapper figure listed. I thought he made be an Alberken but their Guard Sapper is a different pose. Does anyone have any ideas as to who made the figure.


Stryker said...

That's a good start Mark, I need to put my skates on to beat you!

Rob said...

Simply gorgeous sapper figure!
It's interesting to see the Garde actually taking their muskets off their shoulder to use them - suggests something must be going wrong as everyone's supposed to run away when they see the Old Guard hove into view.

Wellington Man said...

You've stolen a march by painting the gaiters black, Mark. That's 20% of the painting time right there!

I sincerely doubt your imposing Sapper is a Hinton Hunt. That bearskin and plume are off the charts.


Mark Dudley said...

I am trying to do a few short painting sessions each day to keep progress.

Did a bit of ckeanungvif on 4 more figures over my morning coffee and put my original 11 figures in a bleach bath this morning.

Mark Dudley said...

They are on the range practising firing at a sheet a 100 yards away.

Mark Dudley said...

That what I thought as well. Also the recasts had a nick in the gaiter which would have needed filling with Milliput. They will still gave brass buttons down the side of the Gaiters.

I agree the Sapper is not a Hinton Hunt one. But who did make it ?

Rob said...

Silk sheets I trust? One has to maintain the proper distinctions of privilege.

Rob said...

Actually on closer inspection - he's not sporting much of a beard?