Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Battle of Blasthof Bridge - the action

The Comte De Metringham spurs forward the Bechemal Hussars and secures Blasthof Berg. the high ground. The electoral infantry send the Livarot forward while the Royal Boursin ford the Blast.

Kornberg sends the Dolcelatte Dragoons across the blast and advances the Sbrinz and artillery to secure the bridge.

The Comte De Metringham seeing the dragoons advancing decides to launch a charge before the his enemy has the time to reform into a single formation. Risking his 9 troopers against 11 dragoons seemed better odds than facing all 15. In the melee that followed the Hussars hold the own but are pushed back to the Berg. The Dragoons reorder their lines and with the greater numbers catch the Hussars in melee. With only 6 troopers facing 11 Dragoons the melee is decisive. A single Hussar escapes to tell the tale.

Meanwhile the Infantry of both sides advance. The Sbrinz secure the bridge while the electoral infantry advance.

The 1st company of the Royal Boursin crosses the muddy field while the 2nd company moves directly to the bridge. The Livarot however are ordered to about face as the Dolcelatte threaten the electoral rear.

An Infantry firefight erupts along the line. By the bridge each side trades blows with neither gaining an advantage. The 1st company of the Royal Bousrin suffer casualties from the Sbrinz as they slowly advance across the field. Despite the mud in their boots they steady the line and reform their ranks before letting loose a deadly volley. There are 16 men which results in 2 dice. Soubise rolls the dice and gleefully sees a double 6 come up. The Sbrinz are under pressure as the Imperialist losses mount.

The determined ranks of the Sbrinz display fortitude in the face of withering fire.

The Dolcelatte Dragons spurned forward melee the last Hussar with 2 troopers facing 1 they are confident of victory. They roll a 2 which is doubled to 4 - the Hussar rolls a 6 and wins. With this casualty the Imperial army reaches 50% losses. The Imperialists are beaten. Kornberg is heard muttering that with his cavalry poised to strike a decisive blow he has had victory grasped from his hands.

The Imperialist artillery cover the armies withdrawal.

Soubise leads the victory by crossing the bridge.