Monday, 18 January 2010


Greetings to my new blog for recording my ramblings and sharing of info on my old school projects.

I have been wargaming since 1969 ever since my father got me a copy of Charge or How to play wargames by Brigadier Young and Col Lawford from the local library. It was this book and my collection of Airfix ACW figures that I first started on a hobby which I find as rewarding as I did all those years ago.

I was later to buy the book for 55 shillings from Tradition in Piccadilly and I still own the book today. The battles of Blasthof Bridge and Sittingbad have become as famous in the hobby as many a real engagement.

This book is written in a charming style and with a good deal of humour. The rules an elementary and advanced rules. It was with the simple elementary set that my younger brother and I fought out many a battle on the living room floor. He was the Union while I took command of Robert E Lees Army of North Virginia. The ACW was my first period and one I still enjoy today - although the unpainted plastic figures have been replaced by 800 painted 28mm metal figures