Sunday, 2 May 2010

Seven Year War Battlefields

The Battle of Lobositz

A few years ago the Ilkley Lads did a small tour of some Seven Years War battlefields. Here a few pictures I took.  

The whole area around has many of these steep hills literally littering the countryside. At the battle of Lobositz the Lobosch was defended by Austria Grenz and proved a tough nut to crack for Fredericks infantry.

A closer look at the Lobosch shows how steep it is.

Looking from the Holmuka the small town of Lobosch can be seen nestling on the river Elbe.  
After a short stay in Prague and more than a few beers we went east and visited the battle of Kolin.

The church defended by Austrian Grenz still looks good today. It would be nice to have a model of this as it nicely represents the architecture of the Seven Years War.

This picture shows whats left of the embankments that surrounded the church.

Looking down from the Austrian position shows how open the ground is. The Prussians advanced up this slowly gentling slope towards the massed Austrian ranks.

As the Prussians advanced this is what they would have seen. The only difference is the are no Austrians lined up at the top.