Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sittangbad - Part 2

We played the 2nd session of our Sittangbad game to a conclusion on Wednesday. The battle was a close run thing right to the end.   

Electoral Infantry advancing in Company of Columns. Each regiment consisted of 4 companies of 12 figures each making 48 figures all told. A mighty impressive sight on the table.

A closer view of the Electoral Infantry as they moved towards Sittangbad.

The Pultava regiment included a Grenadier company in their fine Red coats -these plus 2 companies of Engineers were going to have to hold up the Electoral attack as the important war victuals were removed from the town. Some thought that the wagons were also loaded with Lentulus personal wine cellar and the local delicacy Hung par le ment which is best served with a good glass of brandy to drown the bitter flavour. 

Corporal Braun of the town guard was getting concerned as he saw more of the town folk fleeing the town taking their belongings. He was wondering whether discretion was the better part of valour and should he resign his post and join his family on the load road up north. 

Kornberg leads his battered command through the town and across the bridge to the kind applause of Lentulus who has clearly recognized a general with flair and courage.

Herzog Tennantsky, in command of the Electoral foot, brushed his well manicured coiffure, waving his hat to encourage his men revealed a full head of hair with out a grey hair in sight. Some believe he is an adonis whilst others think he owes it all a bottle of Grecian 1757 sold to him by a wandering peddler   

To slow down the advance the De Saxe dragoons charged the Electoral hussars and following a swift melee are able to retire to the safety of the town to reform. Their courage however does not delay the sweeping movement of the Electoral foot around the Sittangwald.

The massed ranks of Electoral foot of the Steinzeit included a company of Scottish mercenaries.

Grim faced the Electoral Infantry advance towards the Grunterhof encouraged by the cry
of "Are you poddles or dogs' bellowed by Herzog Tennantsky. (He was getting worried that time was running out as the game entered its 12th move)

A closer view of the Herzog a fine looking soldier but surprisingly he is much shorter than he looks on his horse.

The De Saxe Dragonss launch their final charge against elements of the Gentlemen Pensioners. This august body of troops, also known as the Grumpy Old Men, despite their age put up a solid performance before being forced back by mounting loses.

The attack develops with the Electoral Foot guards clashing with the grenadiers in the streets of Sittangbad

With volleys erupting across the small streets the town is soon bathed in thick acrid smoke.

The weight of numbers and the artillery fire from massed electoral artillery is too much for the brave grenadiers who beat a hasty retreat toward the bridge,

With dusk fast approaching the electoral hussars may a desperate charge against a depleted line company form the Pultava in the hope of breaking through and crossing the bridge. The infantry however put up a  good fight are are able to repulse the hussars before crossing the bridge to safety.

With the withdrawal of the last Imperial troops across the bridge Lentulus orders the engineer mayor to blow the bridge. With a loud bang the bridge erupts in flame and smoke. However when the dust clears Lentulus can see that that the bridge has not been totally destroyed and was still passable by infantry. But with the light fading the sound of music and laughter could he heard coming from the town. Clearly the Electoral troops had found the uninhabited town far more interesting than the thought of rushing the bridge in the dark. 


Capt Bill said...

A very nice scenario and photos. Thanks for sharing...

abdul666 said...

A very enjoyable report for a very balanced, certainly exciting game.

You use the names from the 'original' Sittanbag: did you followed the 'canonical' OOBs? The staunt fellows of both sides deserve to be presented to public acclmation: what about a parade (well, two separated parades, of course...)?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well done, sir.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Very enjoyable battle report.

-- Allan

Liu Liu said...

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