Sunday, 18 September 2011

AWI project

My recent games of the War Game has got a couple of  the other Lads interested in adapting them for the American War of Independence. So we have decided to put together some 40mm armies based on the Battle of Cowpens. 

Well I was happy with this choice as I already had some 40mm AWI figures in 'stock'. My units will be  organised with 24 figures and 4 officers types. I am currently drafting out rule amendments for the War Game

My first unit is a Continental Line using Sash and Sabre figures.  This unit is a fairly well dressed with a mixture of clothing and the odd new recruit still in civvies and armed with muskets and no bayonets.  


The second unit is a militia unit and I have used Frank Rank figures for this one.


Mosstrooper said...

Nice looking figures , what ammendments have you in mind for the rules ?.

Mark Dudley said...


I have written some notes - not yet playtested.

Once I get then formed up I will post to this blog.