Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Prince August reinforcements

I have recently picked up a collection of Prince August figures courtesy of Geoffrey from Kendal who had cast these many years and gamed with his son.  Geoffrey kindly gave me the figures for a donation to the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team. 

In all the collection consists of 
4 guns and 12 crew
96 infantry
4 hussars
18 dragoons
8 grenadiers
and 4 spare cavalry which were used as generals.

I will repaint these figures and they will provide welcome reinforcements for the Duchy of Calvados and the Electorate of Furstenburg-Lederhosen 


tidders said...

They'll make a nice addition to you forces

-- Allan

Corporal_Trim said...

Very nice, Mark.

I've always liked that "at rest" pose and while the paint jobs aren't up to your standard, they won't embarrass themselves on the battlefield until you get around to repainting them.