Friday, 9 March 2012

Zinnfiguren for Imaginations

I have had a itch for some time to paint some SYW German Zinnfiguren for use as Imaginations

The photo below shows what can be achieved.

This photo and more can be found at

With my birthday coming up I have finally taken the plunge and placed a small order from 

I have ordered enough of the figure 10/25 to start a flat version f the Erbprinz plus a few cavalry figures

File: Zinnsoldaten.jpg


Jim Duncan said...

Good luck with painting your flats.

I've always found them too daunting for diminishing skills.


tradgardmastare said...

I look forward to hearing how this progresses as I have been tempted on and off for ages...

p.s my painting talent or lack of has put me off

tidders said...

An interesting challenge for you; will look forward to the end result

-- Allan

Corporal_Trim said...

This is going to be good. Really look forward to seeing what you make of this, Mark.

It's not a good trend that connoisseur shading jobs have become the standard that more than a few good painters don't feel they can measure up to. To all those who find the prospect of painting flats daunting, I say - don't.

Forget about contest caliber masterpieces, paint them to please yourself. A battalion or squadron of flats painted as you'd paint any other wargames figures will look just fine, shaded or not.


Anonymous said...

Mark, have been tempted by german flats for the late nineteenth century where round 28mm figures are few and far between. Do you have any advice about basing up units eg arrangement, numbers of figures and so on when using flats? Might make a nice blog post in itself.
Fantastic blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this site for flat wargaming inspiration.
You will have to go back a couple of pages.



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