Sunday, 25 March 2012

Erbprinz - Flats

I have got my first order of German Zinnfiguren delivered this week and was really pleased with the figures I got.  We some trepidation I painted up the first 6 figures of my Erbprinz unit based on Peter Youngs unit in  Charge.  

I used acrylics paint and inks and have used a layed highlight as I would 28mm full rounds figures.  Highlighting to create depth is the key to making these figures really pop out. 

 The first 2 photos show the figures unbased and the final 2 attached to simple terrained bases. I have made the bases thicker than normal so that they can be easily picked without damaging the figures.  

I have bought enough figures to for a 24 man infantry unit plus officers as well as 15 Austrian Cuirassier

The figures are from Fechner who figures are a good price and has the advantage of taking Paypal. Postage was 6.50 euro to the UK  


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Extremely pretty! Gosh, your flats almost make me want to have some for myself here. Looking forward to the cuirassiers next.

Best Regards,


Jim Duncan said...

A cracking little company.

You have painted them very nicely, much better than I would be able to.

Keep going until the Regiment is complete and able to take the field.


Mosstrooper said...

VERY nice indeed ! , flats SYW look so much more in period than round figures.

paint pig said...

Well done and a great link/shop. Your little project is quite inspirational, I could be easily tempted to have a go at flats myself.


Prince Lupus said...

The most characterful figures I've ever seen - quite wonderful

tidders said...

super painting - those flats look good

-- Allan