Sunday, 8 April 2012

The War Game Rules 2012

The new version of the War Game Rules dropped through my post box yesterday. I had to wait until last night before I got a chance to scan through the rules. Charles S Grant has produced and updated set of  these classic rules and has clarified a number of points and made these rules more accessible and easier to use.  The rules are clearly written with sumptuous photographs.  

The Rules I noticed clarified include:-

Officer Casualties
Unit sizes, number of Officers - Cavalry now have 4 officers instead of 3
Post melee actions -follow up, pursuit and rally  
The Cannister cone measurement confirmed
Frei Corps and Legions
Using smaller units 
Rules for Engineering

The rules are available from Ken Trotman and are a must have for any Old School gamer as well as anyone  who wants a good set of rules to start 18th Century gaming. 


Prince Lupus said...

duly ordered.

Jim Duncan said...

Thanks Mark, you've just decided what my wife will buy me for my upcoming birthday.

Many thanks!


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...


Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

is there anything about today's stockier figures e.g. wider bases?

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Anon

There is nothing specific about figure size.

The standard base size is 45mm by 40mm with 6 figures. Stockier figures will fir but perhaps 45mm depth may work better.

Charles Grant does say that base sizes are not set in stone.