Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cheap and cheerful movement trays

As my Prince August forces continue to grow I am considering the implications of single based figures. I do not intend to go for multi basing as these figures will be used by my son and I. Kids like the idea of single figures and he also gets to play with these as Toys - lining them up and knocking then over. 

I had considered going down the magnetic base route using steel bases and magnetic strip on bases but decided that this was a costly method. 

So instead I have quickly knocked up some movement trays using free off cut cardboard (courtesy of local Ilkley Art Shop impresario and fellow Old Schooler Tim (aka General Grecian) and stirrers from a local high street coffee shop

I sized the tray and extra 5mm front and side than the my base size, which is 20 by 30mm for infantry and 20 by 60mm for cavalry, and quickly stuck them together with lashings of PVA glue.

Above a finished natural tray for 6 infantry or 3 cavalry and below a 12 infantry/6 cavalry tray modelled here by the dashing Regiment Hock


Jim Duncan said...

Good set of trays Mark.

If your PA figures are fairly stable on their own base then you don't necessarily need the extra adhesion of magnetism.

And if they are cheap and easy to make then go for it!


tidders said...

Great idea for movements trays

-- Allan

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Agreed again!

Best Regards,


Mark Dudley said...

One of the advantages of single based figures is that you can make movement trays for 6 figures for the War Game and 8 figures for Charge.


Corporal_Trim said...

Sometimes the most elegant solutions are also the simplest.

One question, Mark. The PA infantry are quite stable on their bases, the cavalry not nearly so much. Are you at all concerned they'll go wobbly and fall like dominoes if the tray is moved vigorously ?


Corporal_Trim said...

Sorry, never mind the last question. You're still basing them as single figures, still adds plenty of stability.

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