Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My favourite classic figure

Over the last few years I have collected about 20 Prince August moulds.  They are all charming in their own way however the one that really epitomises Old School for me is the older Holger Eriksson mould number 11. 

This mould is really the classic Old School classic pose and is one that Holger Eriksson used on other ranges. 

The classic Spencer Smith 30mm Cavalry figure and below a Holger Eriksson 30mm figure from the SAE range.  (both pictures from the Spencer Smith cataloge. see these and more  at   

And finally a comparison shot between the older Holger figure and the new more rounded version.   

I know which one I prefer


Corporal_Trim said...

Nice comparison shot, Mark. I too like the look of the older "flatter" version better. That also holds true for others of the old figures which were re-done in a more rounded style.


Rob Dean said...

I do like some of the newer infantry better, but the older cavalry figures have more flair. I need to go paint a few more...of both sorts.

littlejohn said...

yes that HE cavalry figure is tops in my book...captures the thundering hoofs of a real charge perfectly!