Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cuirassier for the Duchy of Calvados and other bits

First up the first 11 figures of the Pommeau Cuirassier unit using the classic Holger Erikkson mould. These reinforcements have been well received within the army and will now provide some heavier support for their lighter colleagues the Bechemal Hussars 

Having seen the wagon made by Little John on his  Blog I thought it was time to have a crack myself.

I based the design on the 2 wheel wagon that graces the pages of Charge by Peter Young.  

The wheels are from a Nurnberger Meisterzinn mould as these are easier to cast than the Prince August ones. The running gear is a converted Prince August Limber and the horse and rider is also form a PA mould   

The body of the wagon is made from artist board with Costa coffee stirrers for the wooden bits. I have stuffed the wagon with tissue paper to make the tarpaulin although I think it needs to stick further out of the top. The base is a thicker board used in picture framing and is ideal for 40mm figures as it is about 1.5mm thick and I get all my board for free from my local art impresario - aka General Grecian 

And finally the next unit up for the Calvadorian army is a unit of Irregular Miniatures Grenz (i know this is cheating as I should have used PA figures) with a couple of PA Officers.  I am thinking of painting the unit like the Fusiliers de Moliere with brown coats and red trousers. Not sure what to name them yet.    

The is very little between the Irregular and PA figures and are fine mixed together even in the same unit


tidders said...

like the wagon

the Irregular 42mm figs are slim - so they arem't too out of proporation with the PA figs - I don't think its cheating to use them. For my Saxe-Jarlsberg PA army I use Irregular artillery and crew

-- Allan

Mosstrooper said...

Irregular has some 'semi-flat' FIW figures, wonder what they are like ?

Corporal_Trim said...

The Pommeau cuirassiers loooking good, Mark.

I agree about Irregular. In scale they match PAs pretty well. I have some of the WSS cavalry (the toylike range), they're nice.

As for their quarter-flats, Mosstrooper: they aren't very good.


figvfig said...

They fit in quite neatly, always useful for variation.
The cart is coming along very well. nice piece of scratch building

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