Friday, 21 September 2012

Action at Petreville Part 1

'Alarm, alarm' cries Etouffee as he calls the company to order.  With just a single company at his disposal this was going to be dammed tricky. Still there where opportunities even in this situation for a resourceful commander to get noticed. Perhaps a glorious, but futile defence, would get his name mentioned in dispatches and perhaps even notified on the bulletin board at Imperial Headquarters.  

Meanwhile the forces of the Electorate of Fustenberg Lederhosen mass for attack. With 3 regiments of infantry, a combined Grenadier regiment supported by a Cavalry regiment confidence was high that victory  would be easily gained and with it the stores holding the fine 'Sauce Chaud de Petreville' used through out the courts of Europe and a key Strategic bargaining condiment at the gastronomic peace talks that would follow the campaign.

The Electoral forces assault is supported by the Stollen Jager Corps (mercenaries hired from a small duchy north east of Prussia). These are lead by the well dressed and rather dapper Captain Stokes  - a veteran campaigner and all round good chap.

Mayor Etouffee decides that rather than trade volleys with the more numerous enemy to station his forces behind the ramparts ready to repel any attackers as they came up the assault ladders.  

The Sbrinz lead the way and gallantly scale the ladders. The melee along the wall is long drawn out affair with both sides taking heavy casualties   

 With the ramparts cleared the Sbrinz storm across and melee the thin line of defenders holding out in the central courtyard.  With loses reaching 60% the militia are forced to surrender but not before a final melee is fought between Etouffee and an Sbrinz infantryman.  The Electoral player rolls a 6 - the tension mounts as Etouffee himself shakes the dice and rolls it across the table. It spins around like a top before settling on a 5.  Etouffee has survived, an although captured, is assured of a bright future once a an officer exchange can be made after the campaign has finished     

Leading the way Etouffee marches at the head of the Saint Augur Militia who are granted the full honours of war for their gallant defence and leave with flags flying and shouldered muskets. 


Mosstrooper said...

Great battle !

tidders said...

super little engagement

-- Allan