Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blasthof Bridge

Having finished the second Petreville game on Friday (report to follow) my son Max was keen to play a  game. I decided to reach for the classics as being the right way to introduce him to Horse and Musket gaming. So we set up Blasthof Bridge, from Charge, and again used the elementary Charge rules as with our previous game.  

Max took command of the Imperial army and the role of Kornberg the dashing, impetuous, cavalryman.  The Imperial army deployed as per the book.  

I took command of the Electoral army and took on the demeanour and countance of this much maligned warrior - Soubise. 

For this game I offered very little advise to the young pretender but he showed a sound judgement. He  moved all his cavalry across the River Blast to form, in his words, 'one big unit of cavalry so he could beat mine'    

With movement stick in hand he moved his troops around with a the air of a pro. The stick was marked in 6 inch bands. None of those new fangled metric measurements as they teach them at school.  

His initial artillery shots were all misses (he threw three ones in a row). But on his fourth shot he hit. He rolled for effect - a six. One of my guns is bowled over.  

With one of my guns out of action Max now attacks with his cavalry. The melee is decisive with my cavalry losing heavily. 

My situation was not good - so I pushed my infantry across the river to join their comrades I had already moved across in an earlier turn. 

United my Infantry advance hoping to sweep away his outnumbered infantry on to victory. My advance commenced....

...only for his infantry to retire unveiling his re positioned artillery.  With no choice I gritted my teeth and continued my advance hoping that he would roll low for his musketry and cannister.   

He did not ......The Electoral Infantry fell where they stood.  With my loses now totalling over 50% the game was up and I conceded defeat.   

A couple of Maxs' friends are interested in having a go at this Wargaming lark - so perhaps it time for so more Ilkley Young School games. 


Bluebear Jeff said...

Catch them while they are young. They'll drift away when they discover girls; but later they may well come back.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

A lucky father and wargamer!
Beware, before girls video games tempt boys away from toy soldiers?

Chris Gregg said...

Very nicely presented and your young chap seems very adept at tactics already. Mine only liked Horse and Musket if it was a skirmish game (no discipline!). Now I have a son-in-law who likes to beat me at H and M occasionally. Good luck when you get more than one youngster round the table though.....careful with those lovely figures.

littlejohn said...

Congratulations to Brigadier Max! A well fought contest indeed and played out in the best old/young school tradition!

Gonsalvo said...

Great refight of a classic - and wonderful to see your son's enthusiasm!

Ross Mac said...

Great stuff! Whether its Nature or Nurture, the lad seems to have the right stuff.

tradgardmastare said...

Splendid game and the next generation becoming enthused for our wonderful hobby- much to say a Huzzah about indeed!

Corporal_Trim said...

I enjoyed the report and photos, Mark. Nice to see the old classic scenario played again and congrats to your son on his skillfull generalship.

You asked for trouble playing as Soubise though. ;-)


Mosstrooper said...

Very nice looking game and sounds great fun too !

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