Friday, 21 March 2014


We started our refight of the battle of Dettingen on Friday night.  The set up and orders of battle were based on Charles S Grant Wargaming in History Volume 2. The rules used are my modified version of the War Game.

This battle pitched Tim and Ewan in the the role of the French/Austrians whilst the Allied forces were lead by my 8 year old son, Maximillian, until his mother pointed out it was time for bed.

The French pushed forward through Dettingen with some infantry and cavalry as they take the fight to the Anglo Prussian.

Rank upon rank of French heavy cavalry follow up.

Grim faced Prussian infantry take up the French challenge. In the opening volley the French cause 2 casualties where as some good dice rolling sees 9 French infantry hit the deck. My units are 32 figure strong. Each 4 men roll a dice using the standard rules. For each hit a saving dice of 4,5 or 6 saves our intrepid soldiers. When a unit loses a 4 figure base a d6 is rolled an officer loss is also marked on the unit.

Forward you cowards shouted Maximillian as he spurred his horse forward.

With flags fluttering in the gentle morning breeze more Prussian infantry move forward with a spring in their step.

Firstly an Austrian unit crumbles under the pressure but only after it has stemmed the first onslaught.

The Burgundy regiment steps into line but takes a stand loss. The resulting officer roll is a 6.  So that's 2 morale points down.  Anything but a 1 would see the Burgundy pass the morale test.  Tim tentatively rolls the dice which spins out of his hand and settles on the 1.

To be continued.....


Prince Lupus said...

Quite splendid, proper wargaming;)

Jim Duncan said...

Great stuff Mark and Max!

Boo Hiss Mother, no school on a Saturday, surely :)

Corporal_Trim said...

Fine looking troops, Mark. Do you have any of the new Prince August 7YW molds yet ?

Mark Dudley said...

I don't have any .... Yet

The new march attack figures look really good. Austrians should be out next month.