Friday, 28 March 2014

New Prince August Blog


Fellow Prince August enthusiast Steve  Metheringham has started a new blog.

It was Steve photos of his PA collection posted on the Piquet Yahoo group that got me into casting my own figures. He also helped me get going with a giving me a few figures.

Steve has been active with the new SYW moulds and he will be posting more details of this exciting new range on this blog.


Jim Duncan said...

Hi Mark

I picked up this link this morning, must have been from a Yahoo email.

I'm sort of sad now in that I didn't explore very far down the PA route.

That's the problem in this hobby, so many choices, so little time.

Captain Nolan said...

What would I have to do to convince you to send me a few of these Prince August semi flat SYW figures? I would love to see some in person, and having a go at painting them, before deciding whether I should jump into buying the moulds and casting paraphernalia, etc.