Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Journal of Horace St Paul

I have just received a copy of the Journal of Horace St Paul covering the War in Bohemia 1756.  Horace served with the Austrian army during the seven years war and his journals provide contemporary detail on the campaigns and battles.

The book is translated and edited by Neil Cogswell.  I have flicked through the pages and it looks very good.

I got my copy from Graham at Cranntara Miniatures.

Lobositz had always been one of my favourite SYW battles and this book is a valuable addition to my library. That's the third book this year I have bought that includes the battle of lobositz as earlier this year I got Charles Grants Wargaming on History vol 9 and Christopher Duffys The Wild Goose and the Eagle on the life of Marshal Von Browne. Perhaps it's time  for another refight.