Sunday, 17 August 2014

Renovation and Refurbishing

I have just completed the Renovation and Refurbishment of one of my old Prussian units. Original purchased many years ago     from the B&B at Triples. This unit was used as two 16 man units and both have seen a lot of action.

As part of my SYW R&R project, inspired by John Rays excellent book 'A Military Gentleman',  I am reorganising my infantry units into 30 figure battalions and finishing the basing in a traditional style as used by the late Peter Gilder.

These are Dixon figures and have been refurbished as the 12th Infantry Regiment - Erbprinz Von Hessen - Darmstadt.

Anyway here are a few before and after pictures.

Notice the rather open order look of the basing using 40mm by 50mm bases with 4 figures.

And the refurbished unit using 45 by 50 bases with 6 figures per base.

I will be ordering some GMT flags to finish the unit.  These boys will be one of the units I will take to the AMG15 game at Partizan next May.