Sunday, 31 August 2014

Battle of La Rothiere

A group of the Ilkley Old Schoolers got together today to refight the Battle of La Rothiere using  Lasalle by Sam Mustafa.  The Battle was fought on 1st Feb 1814 on as a snow covered battlefield.

I  not sure how many figures we had on the table however in all there must have been in excess of 1500 once all the reinforcements had arrived.

Most of the figures used were from Ian's extensive Napoleonic collection with the rest from Kens and Tims collections.

We have only used Lasalle for a few smaller games and we are looking to use them for our Plancenoit game we plan to take to Triples next year. The game worked very well.

We managed to finish the game in about 5 hours. Here are few photos of the action.

A unit of Lancers on Patrol in the early morning light.

As the morning mist clears the French see masses of Russians assembling close to La Rothiere.

A French General decides to see for himself.

General Maxmillian surveys the battlefield around La Rothiere.

The table was set up on a L shape - the view lolling towards Morvilliers at the far end of the table.

Did I mention that it had snowed and the battle was to see persistsnt snow showers all day. This made hampered musketry for both sides.

Even with a battle about to start an affair of honour had to settled. Brigadier General Briggson and the Chevalier de Schuch exchange pistol shots. Both survive although I am not sure the Lady in question will be playing after dinner charades soon with these two again.

The Austrians launch an attack at Morvilliers. Although initially successful the Austrians are only able to take 2 of the 3 town sections allowing the French to reinforce this sector with a Young Guard division.

Austrian artillery pound the village.

Meanwhile the Russians launch attack after attack against La Rothiere. Each attempt is beaten back.

The Young Guard arrives to support the defense. 

The Russians re organise and launch a final attack which is easily beaten back as the French launch a counter attack that throws the Russians back on disorder.

French Artillery are particularly effective against the massed Russians.

The Wurtemburgers arrive but with the light fading the French claim victory.

Victory to the French. Vice L'Emperor

But at a high cost. 


Phil said...

Very nice, your Austrian army is really impressive, great job!

Chris said...


Are the scenarios for Rothiere or Plancenoit available somewhere? Both actions interest me very much, but I haven't had any luck tracking down scenarios for either one. I've collected a lot of information from various sources, of course, but it seems silly to reinvent the wheel. Not that I haven't done this many times in the past...:)

Best regards,


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Chris

I will see if Ken, who organised the game, has the details. Three of the gamers have walked the battlefield.

We are planning Plancenoit demo game for Triples next year.