Monday, 13 October 2014

Battle Maps

As a youngster back in the 60s I was given a number of gifts by US folks visiting my father. Among these was a book the 'American Heritage Pictorial Atlas of United States History' and my first board war game Battle Cry also by American Heritage. 

The book included some very nice Battle Maps by artist David Greenspan and these iconic images had a huge influence on me and no doubt influenced me to start collecting plastic ACW figures.

As a eleven year old I remember drawing my own battles influenced by these battle maps. It was not long afterwards that I got  a copy of 'Charge'.

Here are some photos of these maps showing of the American War of Independence and Civil War.

The images show parts of the maps for Trenton, Bemis Heights, Cowpens and Burnside Bridge at Sharpsburg.

The full set of ACW maps where also published in a Bruce Catton book the Picture History of the Civil War. My son who is 8 also loves these pictures and is developing a keen interest in history.


jhnptrqn said...

I, too, grew up on those maps of the ACW and was strongly influenced by them. I often used my Airfix Civil War figures to refight the attack on Burnsides Bridge at Antietam based on the map. How many of the maps are there of the AWI? In one book I have they have the map of Trenton and Princeton. I might have to go on a search for the book if there are enough of the AWI maps.

Mark Dudley said...


There are only 3 AWI maps.

A combined Trenton/Princeton map, Bemis Heights and Cowpens.

Interestingly I have visited all but Bemis and a fair few of the ACW ones.

Not bad for a limey.


Tomo said...

I, also, have been left with indelible recollections of the impact of those particular maps. Recalling having spent considerable time studying them and allowing my imagination to run wild!

Chris said...

For those who can get to the middle of nowhere (western S. Carolina), Cowpens is an excellent place to visit--a great museum with a first-class staff, and a tremendous battlefield. It has been restored to closely resemble what it looked like during the battle, and has lots of excellent signs to tell you what was happening from that vantage point.

Best regards,

Chris Johnson

A.W. KITCHEN said...

I have the ACW book which inspired me when I was still using plastic Airfix figures all those years ago , however I was unaware of the AWI pictures which are just as good , Tony

Chris Gregg said...

Mark, thanks for the reminder of these. Like you I was strongly taken with the ACW ones in the 1960s, and luckily picked up the AWI book cheaply about 7 years ago when I started on that period.
Chris G

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