Sunday, 5 April 2015

Battle of Burley Farm

The Spring of 1862 sees both the Federal and Rebel Governments looking to control the strategical important area of the Menston Valley.

To this end by sides dispatch a brigade of 2 regiments and a battery of guns. The     Union are led by the newly appointed General Maximilian Joseph. The Rebels are led by General Daniels.

The 2 sides met at Burley Farm as they advance up the Otley Town Pike.

The Rebels push forward with the 2nd North Carolina advancing towards the farm.

The Union 10th Vermont are surprised as both sides trades opening volleys. With loses mounting on both sides it is the Union who break and run away. The Rebels have gained the farm.

On the other flank the 14th Virginia move into the woods and as they advance the 
Find their way blocked by the 5th New York. Both sides blaze away at each other at point blank range.

With the acrid smell of gunpowder soon pervading the woods and with thick smokeay it difficult to see more than a few yard sit is the New Yorkers who give way first. 

The Virginians have there gander up now and with rebel yells piercing the sound of battle they rush forward overpowering the gunners of Battery B and capturing the guns.

The battle is over and the rebels are everywhere victorious. 

Max enjoyed the game and wants to play again,

I sort of made the rules up as I went along and used musketry and Melee fr the War Game. Artillery from Charge with morale based on losing stands.

The game was fought on the kitchen table and I used a cheap IKEA green throw foe the battlefield with a few plastic merit trees.


A.W. KITCHEN said...

Great game - you don't need more to have fun gaming ! , Tony

Springinsfeld said...

Very good game. I really like the back to basics approach. There is a lot to be said for using unpainted plastic 1/72 figs. they still look great and have character.

Paul Liddle said...

Great stuff!, I did the same thing with my Revell TWY figures. As they were all the same colours I put one side on blue mounting board and the others on red.

Matt said...

Wargames played like this are the best fun a wargamer will ever really have-it just takes a few years (decades!) and a lot of money spent on lead to realise.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Excellent! Reminds me of one of Don Featherstone's early books, and my own first battles, 40 years ago, with unpainted Airfix figures on a bare table.