Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stollenwitz - Opening moves

Managed to play the opening moves of the Battle of Stollenwitz. My son Max took command of the Electoral army and like Frederick it was his first game in an independent role commanding an army of this size in a Wargame.

The game opened with the Calvadorian winning the Initiative and launching their cavalry on their left wing into the flank of the massed Electoral cavalry.

The Electoral cavalry although caught in the flank are able to stem the initial attack routing one of Calvadorian units. More Calvadorian Cavalry join the swirling Melee. 

On the other flank Max pushes cavalry forward to cover the Infantry flank. The melee is joined and will be fought at our next session.

Meanwhile the Electrina Emma watches the battle unfold from the balcony of a local hostelerie famed for its Strudel Stollen mit Kirsch Wasser. 

In the centre the Furstenburg - Lederhosen march forward in perfect timing. No doubt wanted to uses his superior infantry numbers to drive the Calvadorian infantry from the field before the enemy more numerous cavalry would be able to overcome the Electoral Cavalry and threaten the flanks of the Electoral infantry.

The rules we are using are a free one page set available from Jim Purky.

So far the rules are working well. 

Tomorrow we are play testing our Plancenoit demo game for Triples. We are using a portable sand table for the game. I will post some pictures tomorrow.