Thursday, 12 January 2017

Klien Mollwitz

The battle of Mollwitz is one of the classic wargame battles. I have fought the battle on a number of occasions.

The recent publication of 'Refighting History Vol 2' by Charles S Grant, and John Rays planning and preparation for refighting the battle on the AMG forum, has piqued my interest in refighting the battle again.

My challenge is that my only easily accessible surface is my kitchen table. While this is extentable to approx 8ft it is limited to a meagre 32 inches.

I am therefore now looking to play a kitchen table sized version of the battle using my 28mm collection. The rules will be The Wargame played using 1/2 scale measurements.

My plan is underway for Klien Mollwitz.

My Infantry units are 30 figures and Grenadiers 24. Cavalry are in 6 figure units.

So using the orders of battle in Refighting History I have distilled them down to the following. The ratio I have used is 1 infantry representing 100 and 1 cavalryman equally 150


3 Infantry units
9 Cavalry units
1 Hussar unit
1 gun


4 Infantry units
2 Grenadier units
4 Cavalry units
1 Hussar unit
1 gun

The table will measure 60 by 32

I need to prep a few figures before I play the game

It will be interesting to see if works.  If it does then I will see what other classics I can distill to the small table.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Sounds a good plan, Tony

Norm said...

Interested in your plans for getting games onto a smaller table - now following, thanks.