Sunday, 1 January 2017

Thoughts on gaming the SYW in 6mm

Having played my first game with my 6mm figures I have today reflected on how the game played using Charles Grant War Game rules

Firstly we used cms instead of inches. This worked very well with movement rates and ranges looking and feeling right. I used a 2ft square piece of mdf and this equated to a 5ft square table.  This means my humble kitchen table using 6mm will represent a 15ft by 8 ft table if using 28mm figures. Plenty of room to refight Mollwitz, Lobositz and Kolin.

The other point is that I can use my small painting table for small games.  My next game is set up and I plan to play this with my son Max tomorrow

Secondly I had to adopt a number of amendments for the smaller scale chaps. I am not sure the Artillery stick and cannister cone is going to be work. I may try making some scaled down versions to see. For this game we used the artillery rules from 'Charge'.

Another considerstion was how to represent Officers and how to cause loses.

For Infantry I am going to check if an officer is lost for every 6 rankers lost.  If a 5 or 6 is thrown an officer is lost however he can be saved on a saving roll of 5 or 6. If an officer is lost a second roll is made and if a 6 is thrown the CO is lost with the resultant -2 to morale checks.

For light Infantry and Cavalry both are organzed in squadrons and companies of 6 figures. For every figure lost a die is rolled with the same 5 or 6 officer lost with 5 or 6 saving throw.

In melee is a bit more complicated. So here is an example. Two squadrons are engaged in melee - 6 figures a side.  4 melees sre fought as rankers vs rankers. The final 2 melees are officer vs ranker. If side loses its officer the unit is lost and removed from play.


Chris Gregg said...

A clever illusion with the scale - your photo could pass for a 15mm game on a 4 foot square. It looks very nice and I hope you get satisfaction with your rule amendments.

Robbie Rodiss said...

You've set yourself a bit of a problem there, especially as the Grant rules were all about counting figures. Re the officers what about painting either an Adler 6mm officer figure or a 10mm officer figure and basing him on a Warbases causality marker. You know the ones, the round bases. You could place the officer causality base behind the unit, and record the hits as they unfold.Anyway all the best.

Andrew Miller said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your posts about 6mm SYW (to the detriment of my bank acc !). The six base infantry look really good but may I ask how you determine the command element (to form column, etc) given that two bases have standards ?

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Andrew

The infantry are based 8 infantry to a 20mm square base.

I use the base with the regimental flag (the right hand of the 2 bases with a flag) if i need to determine the command base.